Stabyhoun Riverside

Welcome to Kindred Spirits Ranch in Riverside California. This site is dedicated to our dog "Niko", a beautiful male "Stabyhoun".  Enjoy!


Niko was born on April 9 2011 in Breda, Netherland.  He is coming to our home on June 5th!  Niko will be traveling with a personal escort in cabin via Delta airlines when he is 8 weeks old!

Niko is one of 10 puppies born to Senna, 5 males and 5 females, a miracle litter!

Niko's mother "Senna" (pictured below)   Senna lives in Breda, Netherlands.  Senna has been judged champion in numerous shows and loves to swim and fetch sticks, she is 2+ years old.

 You can visit Senna's web site:

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